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Written By jhonny on Saturday, June 11, 2011 | 7:18 AM

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  • kaisersose
    06-02 01:42 PM
    you are right, but isnt that found only when you are travelling outside of the USA? If I am in USA till i get a gc and then add my wife, how will anyone know if she is out of status ?

    If they know you changed employers to use EAD (your previous employer has to cancel your H-1b by law which also cancels the H-4), then they will know.

    Check some of the RFEs that are coming in these days. They want to see documentation in support of lawful presence right from day one of the applicant's entry, even if it was 10 years ago.

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  • msp1976
    05-19 10:41 AM
    I need some advice from the people on this board.

    My labor certification was recently approved via PERM. My employer will soon be signing the paperwork to file the I-140 with INS. My contract with him expires in February 2007, and he wants me to continue working for him beyond that. I, however, have expressed my desire NOT to stay with him any longer than I need to. Obviously, I will need to stay until 6 months have passed from the filing of my I-485 for portability to kick in.

    the whole employment thing works with the premise that you are going to work for him after you get your GC...However unjust that might be that is how it is...So you got to reconcile with that fact...And you have to cultivate better relations with your employer....You should not speak about him/lawyer about leaving him. If you have already said that you have done damage to your cause and you have to do some damage control.....I know that employers are a pain in you know what but if you want GC you would need to take the pain ....

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  • zerozerozeven
    04-10 03:29 PM
    163,000 applns for general and more than 31,200 applns for advanced degree.

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  • vparam
    08-21 12:35 PM
    It is my turn to receive the "Notice mailed welcoming the new permanent resident" today. My depenedents are yet to receive this mail. This forum, Immigration-law, Immigration portal by Rajiv Khanna and many other immigration lawyers' websites like Murthy's etc were very useful to understand the immigration laws.
    I did everything myself (EB2-NIW - India) - I140, I485, AP and EAD and my PD (I140 RD) and I485 RD are 09-29-2005.
    I did make a one time conribution of $100.00 to IV.
    Thanks a lot. All the best to all.



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  • andycool
    01-27 07:13 AM
    Can he add an amendment to divide spillover equally between EB2 and EB3 India. This will help a lot.

    Even if its only for Phd's ....40,000 More Visas will be available for EB2 and EB3
    i think EB2 Back log will be wiped away just in 1 year and fall down will be there for EB3.

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  • gsc999
    09-07 12:54 PM
    I noticed that California has around 20 names. I know that around 35 to 40 ppl are flying from CA. I think that is would be a similar case with other states.

    Guys, this is required info. that will allow us to schedule an appointment with lawmakers. We have to provide this info. to them to receive meeting confirmation.

    Please add your information asap, this is urgent and important


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  • seekerofpeace
    09-13 09:38 AM
    I am really amazed to see the verbal war of words between these two artificially created groups aka the lines of "Divide and Rule" policy by the erstwhile masters of our country...

    I can understand the feelings but the profanity and the language used won't lead us anywhere.

    Frustration is the only common thing among the EBI applicants...some more some less...

    I know of a lot of EB2s like me who came to this country for higher studies more than a decade back and got delayed in filing for their residency and had to suffer...While many who came with a job here and filed using EB3 then, have their parents as residents now....

    Why is there no anger towards the many L1 managers who get residency through EB1.without much educational qualifications and forget about national interest waiver...I know a few, who came in 2006 and are residents within a year or so....

    I also saw many of my friends through unfair labor substitutions got ahead of me unfairly and are now citizens...

    Bottomline is people won't apply in a particular category unless they think it is best in their interests...In this economy most companies are tightening their purse.....it is a common fact that 90% of EB I applicants are software engineers.the demand of which will wane over the years in the immediate future and next generation technology demand will increase aka green and biotech....and much water has flowed in Mississipi since the days of Y2K when even people with fraud degrees and vague backgrounds came here and flourished......

    The infighting reminds me of the crab story in which of all the baskets of various sea animals/fishes in a fish market the only basket whose lid was open was one with crabs...a buyer when enquired the uniqueness of that crab basket was promptly told by the seller that in this basket if any crab wants to go out and be free all the other crabs will join and pull it back to the basket so I don't have to worry.......

    Let's not be these crabs....I am sure there exists common grounds in IV otherwise if this continues I am sure there will be a vertical split in IV...between EB2 and EBI..and ROW will laugh at us.........


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  • LostInGCProcess
    05-19 04:05 PM
    You should have reported these issues within 12 months of your employement. Otherwise there is no use. All you can do is send a letter to the Wipro HR, stateing you are filing a formal complaint to the DOL and wirting to the congress man. Also tell them you are going to make sure this story highted everywhere in the Internet and media to damage WIPRO's name. I am sure they do not want to get a bad PR in this situation where everyone hates the Indian companies.

    The statue of limitation is, i believe, 2 years.


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  • keerthi
    04-04 04:28 AM
    So should we withdraw the appeal and re-file? Would that make sense at all?

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  • gauravster
    01-20 11:27 AM
    As far as my understanding goes, EB1/2/3 is fairly recent, 15-20 year pehnomemon. As such getting examples of people who have been extremely successful post getting the visa is going to be difficult. Even for Harvard reunions, usually it is only at the 25th reunion (among a few thousand people) that you have some very successful people, in a 10-15 year span, getting extremely successful(to have your name in newspapers every other day) is like a 1 in 100,000 chance. Even with EB1s.


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  • asphaltcowboy
    05-27 10:31 AM
    it's gotta be Soul's... the worst thing is the flippin' page transitions! I'm growing old waiting for them! congrats to everyone with a **** website


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  • pappu
    03-05 10:56 AM
    I am an IT consultant

    What is the probable Approval date for this application?

    My details:
    EB2-labor 09/2006.
    I-140 SRC078XXXXXXX(Texas)
    Reciept: 02/27/2007
    Notice: 07/31/2007
    section: Member of professional w/adv degree or of exceptional ability . Sec203(b)(2)

    I-485:# SRC08-008-53-XXX(Texas:2008:eight day from 09/01/2008)
    Notice :09/11/2007
    Section: Adjustment as direct beneficiary of imigrant petition.

    Finger Printing:12/20/2007

    Could you please add that in your profile as well


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  • eyeopeners05@yahoo.com
    06-02 12:55 PM
    July 07 485 filer with pd of July 2003 in EB3.
    EAD and AP available and can be used for AC21.
    Current H1 valid till 2010 July
    Got married after filing 485 and so wife does not have EAD etc and is on H4.

    Another company wants me to come to their company using EAD as they dont want to file h1. Can I use EAD under AC21 and switch jobs while my wife is still on H4 ?

    Is the EAD/AOS status change applicable only when going in and out of the country ? If we decide to stay in the USA till we get a GC, does it matter if I use EAD to change jobs though my wife is on H4 ?

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  • arihant
    10-26 05:13 PM
    A) Yes, you can transfer the pending h1 extension to premium.
    B) For current status https://egov.immigration.gov/cris/jsps/ptimes.jsp with your respective service center.

    Thank you for your response. ANy idea how long the conversion would take?


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  • krishgreen
    06-01 04:43 PM
    Hi All,

    I have attended for renewal H1B Visa stamping at Matamoros on May 27th 2010.

    Here is the complete process that I have followed from start to End:

    * I have used a agent for arranging Application fee & transportation to and from Brownsville, TX.

    * Drove from Dallas to Brownsville, TX on May 26th, drive was Okay, not many COPS around.
    * Stayed at Days Inn hotel owned by Desi, very helpful at giving information on good restaurants around and places to go if there is enough time.
    * On May 27th morning 7:45 am agent will come pick-up from the Hotel and take you to the US Consulate in Matamoros (About 10mins drive). On the way he explains all the details of where they meet after the Interview is done and how to get to Port of Entry by Walk. His first stop in Matamoros would be Best Western Hotel where you can leave all your luggage and all the prohibited items at US Consulate.

    **** Be sure to carry all your necessary items to stay in Mexico for atleast one more day if your Visa is not ready the same day****

    *Then he will drop you at US Consulate and stay outside until you pass the security line.

    * After security there are two people checking your documents (I-797, Application fee & Interview confirmation page) and issue you a SERIAL Number.
    * After that you will be allowed inside where the first process is to get your pictures and fingure prints taken.
    *After that wait for your number to be displayed for the Visa interview (Takes anywhere between 45 to 60 mins at anytime), for me took about 50 mins.

    At the Visa Interview counter:

    Initial Greeting exchanges and then asks for the paper work (Passports Old & New, I-797 and Interview Confirmation page). She took about 5 mins to go through DS-160 questions/answers filled online.

    VO: Why did you change the company from your Old to New.
    ME: Explained the situations.
    VO: Do you directly work for the client of your Current Company.
    ME: No, I work for a client of another Vendor.
    VO: This is not the way how the H1B Visa works, you have to work for a Client of your current H1B Employer.
    ME: Blank Face, no answer. (I know that is not how the h1B Works, but no answer)
    VO: How do we trust that you are really working for the Client.
    ME: I pulled out my client letter and Photo ID Card and gave it to VO.
    VO: Okay, so, you got the letter from your Project Manager at Client site. Good let me check that.
    VO: Can I see all your W2's from the first year that you are in US and pay slips for last six months.
    ME: Handed over all the W2's and Payslips.
    VO: Can I see your bank statements for last 3 months.
    ME: Gave my bank statements.
    VO: Let me check all these documents and discuss with my senior. she went inside with all the documents for about 5 mins.
    ME: This was the time that I felt tensed, as I don't have a valid visa to enter US if they decided not to issue a Visa based on all the docs that I have. I never felt tensed for the last 4 stampings that I have attended in India.
    VO: Came back after 5 mins. Is there any period that you were with current employer and not get paid.
    ME : No.
    VO: What is your job description.
    ME: Explained.
    VO: Is your greencard petition filed.
    ME: Yes.
    VO: Can I see your Approved labot and I-140.
    ME: I have approved labor, but, not approved I-140.
    VO: You are supposed to carry all the documents.
    ME: Blank face
    VO: Okay, your Visa is approved.
    ME: Thank you :-)

    NOTE: I would say if you don't have client letter and a photo id card from client and you won't have a valid visa currently, I would suggest attending visa interview at your home country.

    We went back to US Consulate to collect the passport at 3:30 pm, but, those were not ready.

    Agent dropped us back at Best western hotel in Matamoros, we stayed there that night. Don't eat at the hotel restaurant, that sucks. There is a very nice restaurant a block away from Hotel (Mexican), very very good food.

    Agent picked us back at 3:00 pm next day and took us to US Consulate. Got the passports with Visa stamped and headed to Port of Entry.

    Agent dropped us at Port of Entry and we walked across the bridge. There is a small gate when you enter US Geographical area on the bridge, where you need to 50Cents to enter(No need for Under aged children, I guess below 12yrs). Walked over to the port of entry office to get a new I-94. There is a big line, but, you don't need to be in the line, just walked into the first room skipping the line and keep waiting for one of the officers to call you next in spanish for your turn (Took about close to 4 hrs to get the I-94, once the officer is at the counter it's only 5 mins process. But, you won't see any officers coming to counter until the room is atleast 95% filled.

    After we got the new i-94 came outside and called agent to pick us. Agent dropped at the hotel. It's a big relief to be back in US.

    If anybody is driving, there is a check post 40/50 miles away from Brownsville where Boder protection agents check your immigration papers (took about 2 mins for me).

    If anybody have any questions, please let me know.

    Good luck.

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  • mhathi
    10-01 11:00 AM
    Priority date needs to be current both at the time of filing 485, as well as at the time of approval. Hence, PD is very important even after filing. The issue I do not understand is how the applications are processed. Are they processed in the times only when PD is current, or are they processed regardless of PD but lie in pre-adjudicated status until the particular applications PD becomes current again (if retrogressed)?


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  • anindya1234
    06-01 03:27 PM
    By the way..my petition was not endorsed by IV when I first floated it...so it should not be treated as an official action/petition by/from IV

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  • sganny
    01-26 01:12 PM

    Andhra bags 7 of top 10 IIT ranks - The Times of India (http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/Andhra-bags-7-of-top-10-IIT-ranks/articleshow/5978951.cms)
    HYDERABAD: Andhra Pradesh hit a jackpot with its students bagging seven of the top 10 ranks in IIT-Joint Entrance Examination (JEE), the results of which were declared on Wednesday. In fact, the state claimed the coveted top two ranks of IIT-JEE, with A Jitendar Reddy from Warangal emerging as the national topper followed by Uday K Shah from Hyderabad.

    Others from the state who bagged top ranks include Madhu Kiran (fourth), K Satwik (sixth), Janardhan Reddy (seventh) Sabarish Nikhil (eighth) and Neeraj Gopal (ninth). An estimated 30% of the 50,000 students who wrote the examination from the state cleared the test this year, with over 500 of them making it to the top 2,000 in the open category. A total of 65,000 students had written the examination from the southern region.

    Andhra students also scored well in the reserved category with OBC students from the state bagging seven out of the top 15 ranks in this section. Among reserved categories including SC, ST, OBC and physically handicapped (PH) the state secured over 50 ranks in the top 200 slab.

    Officials from IIT-Madras, who were in charge of the results, said Andhra students already account for 21% of the total student strength in IITs. "One should not be surprised by the performance of these students as they have traditionally done well. This year, the percentage of students from the state in the IITs might be higher than 25%," said T S Natarajan, director, IIT-JEE.

    While IIT-Madras, which conducted the examination, was criticized for the errors in mathematics and physics question papers, IIT experts said such errors could have actually worked in favour of the students from Andhra as not many would have been able to crack some of ambiguous questions. "Most front-rankers from the state cracked these ambiguous questions, which might have given them an edge over others," said K V Raghunath, vice-chairman, Narayana Group of Colleges whose students bagged five of the top seven ranks. Some other experts noted that a tough maths paper helped garner top ranks as students from the state have traditionally done well in the subject.

    This is from May, 2010. when I saw the posting, I was wondering, how come IIT results in Jan and opened up the link and saw this was from 2010. what was your point about bringing this up now?

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  • nashim
    09-03 09:01 AM
    Yes, medical forms been changed. Please refer USCIS site for correct form. It is valid for one year but form should be correct.

    Here are the details:

    07/13/2008: USCIS Changes Old Medical Form, I-693, Invalid Date from 07/14/2008 to 08/01/2008
    � Medical form which the USCIS designated civil surgeon is required to use was initially revised on 04/08/2008, followed by the USCIS announcement that any I-693 form version earlier than 04/08/2008 should not be used by the civil surgens from May 1, 2008. In the middle of June, the USCIS released again new version form dated 06/05/2008 and announced that the old version other than 06/05/2008 should not be used effective 07/14/2008. July 14, 2008 is tomorrow. However, without a news release, the USCIS form site extended invalid date of forms earlier than 06/05/2008 to 08/01/2008. Please now note that "Previous editions will be accepted only for medical exams conducted before August 1, 2008. Medical exams conducted on or after August 1, 2008, require use of the 06/05/08 edition," according to the form site instruction.
    � There was a confusion in June 2008 on the validity of older version form I-9 because the USCIS form site instructed that the older version was not acceptable from certain date. In Vancouver, the USCIS authority confirmed that the form instruction was an error and the USCIS form instruction has since been corrected. It will help tremendously if the USCIS releases an announcement that the current I-693 form instruction is indeed correct and the civil surgeons can use the I-693 forms which are older than 06/05/2008 version can still be used. In the meantime, the civil surgeons and the immigrants should check on the date of the medical examination with the I-693 form site to protect themselves from any changes. The form site indicates that the information was updated on June 26, 2008. One wonders whether the civil surgeons may be better off to start using the 06/05/2008 version form from even now just to avoid any confusion in the future. For the new form instruction as of today, please click here.
    � There was a report one time that the USCIS was experiencing a problem in notifying all the USCIS certified civil surgeons on the form changes by email or other means because some civil surgeons did not have email addresses or proper means to receive such notices quickly. When the 2008 Tuberculosis Technical Instructions for Civil Surgeons was implemented by the Center for Disease Control and Prevension of HHS in such a notice on May 1, 2008, it could have been practically impossible for the USCIS to notify such medical form changes timely to every single USCIS certified civil surgeons. Well, doctors, you now have until August 1, 2008 to comply with the new medical form!
    � This change can be important that because of the EB-2 visa number progression for the Chinese and Indians, a large number of these foreign professionals must have already scheduled or even completed a medical examination for themselves and their family members using the older versions. Under the new instruction, these medical report should be valid and filed with the I-485 coming August 2008. However, those who schedule their 485 medical examination on or after August 1, 2008 should make it sure that the doctor uses the new version dated 06/05/2008.

    01-10 08:46 PM
    I had gone through the layoff thing during 2001-2002 time. Maybe, I might be mistaken. But I feel that time it was even worse.

    04-11 03:08 PM
    Sure moonlighting should definitely be ok.
    Will being a fellow be ok too? Its open only to internists, but is a training program in oncology. Its only 2 years, and looking at to current rate of processing, I should be done by the time my PD (sept 2006) is current.

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